Choreographer/Independent Consultant/Wife/Mom

Life... My life lately is pretty busy with trying to be a great Wife, Mom, homemaker, chef and run my online business and independent consultant business. It's tough to juggle at times.

I am creative and love to be sociable when I can so I constantly love to be challenged and dive into something new. While balancing everything I decided to join Mary Kay at a whim. I do enjoy their product and I love people and parties, so why not. Also, being a former dancer and current instructor I have always been surrounded by makeup. I never really took care of my skin but as I approach 40 soon I want to make sure that with all the hussle and bussle that I take care of myself as well!

I am really looking forward to being on a different side of the Dance World, "Makeup" and skin care! It's important to take care of your skin as a dancer as we often wear a lot of makeup for appearances and performances and for every day wear. Putting on your makeup is definitely an art form which I do love so I am excited about this new journey!

Never be afraid to start something new! Learn from your experiences and Grow!

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