Disney Fairytale Weddings Episode

So I have been working online for a couple years managing 2 websites and I never thought that by working online I would be contacted by ABC to choreograph for a Wedding Couple for a T.V. special! At first I thought, What? Is this a joke? You always have to be extra safe when online and planning to meet with people. But I did my homework and research and spoke with a couple people online so I knew they were the real deal. This was around the December time frame I believe and I met up with the crew! Everyone was so nice and the couple who were getting married were so cute! They basically had a couple days to practice after I taught the routine! The difficult thing about choreography, especially if you have never met who you are choreographing for, is that you have to be prepared to make changes. Whether what you originally choreographed was too hard or too easy. Or maybe they just don't like one of your moves and want to try something else. So I am always prepared. I always have my music with me and try to have a couple versions whether it's on my iphone or on cd just in case! I definitely have my notes. It's one thing to choreograph a routine, but if I am choreographing all the time, I don't always remember all of my choreography. So I definitely have my written notes and sometimes have video notes if it's too hard to write it in words on paper. It went smoothly and it was so much fun! This was such a great experience and the cool part, is that they found me online and I am 30 something! :) So, you are never too old to live your dreams and do what you love! I love this time we live in. We can create new jobs or positions that didn't exist years ago! Thanks again to all who were a part of this production! I am very thankful and appreciate you all!

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