It's that time of year!

Summer is nearly over!!! I have multiple feelings when summer is here and gone. Ultimately time just flies too fast but having a blast making memories with the kiddos! School is about to start and if your child is a dancer, it's probably also time to buy new dance clothes and shoes. I know my son definitely grew this summer and my daughter is a weed, she is growing so fast!

Make sure to get the right fitting clothes, have them try them on. It's not fun trying to deal with a leotard that is not covering all your body parts, or it's too tight and uncomfortable or too big. I see it all the time. One little girls bottoms were so small, I had to keep telling her to pull up her pants! :) I know what it's like too when you are growing, and not just height wise, but it's a whole other story when hitting puberty. You want to make sure that everything properly fits and makes your dancer feel comfortable, supported and able to move with ease and so they concentrate only on their dancing and not what they are wearing!

Shoes are another thing. It may be very tempting to buy shoes from a super store, but it's best to buy shoes from a dance store or order them from your studio. If you do buy from a Target or supermarket, they really may not provide the support your dancer needs and your studio may want a particular shoe for recital, which means you would still need to buy that brand and I'm sure you don't want to spend more money at that point.

Have fun shopping!

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