Kick your feet up!

The Handstand, let's break it down... To some, doing a handstand may seem simple. As an instructor I have to break it down to perform the trick correctly and there is actually a lot that does go into doing a handstand.

FIRST, you have the think about the preparation. You want to make sure you step your leg out in a lunge while reaching with your arms, parallel, reaching for the floor.

SECOND, make sure you are focusing. If your eyeballs are not focused and looking around the room this can throw your balance off.

THIRD, you need to make sure you kick with just enough power to get your feet in the air, yet not too powerful where you will fall over.

FOURTH, the more you engage your abdomen and your arms and hands, you can hold the balance.

FIFTH, make sure to come down on the same leg that you pushed off the floor with, land on that one leg, and end standing up.

If you can perfect all of these steps, you are on your way to having a beautiful handstand! A handstand is great exercise and is part of the foundation for acrobatics.

Happy Handstanding!

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