And that's a wrap!

The 2015-16 Dance season has come to a close! Whoo hoo, now onto summer classes! :) It's amazing how rehearsal and recital day can be exhausting for the teachers. We are on our feet all day and standing, and man does my body ache from head to toe! The dancers of course are probably beyond exhausted, dancing all day, literally all day long! It's all worth it though, to see your work come alive on stage. Most importantly we are family and it's just a great time being all together!

This year was my daughter's first recital! She was in 2 numbers and did such am awesome job and she's only 3. I think she had a blast :)

If you are looking for a studio home I can definitely recommend the studio I work for, Performer's Edge Dance Center located in Davenport, FL! Come try out some classes now during our summer classes or hope to see some new and old faces this year!

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