Summer break is so close!!!

Wow, this year flew by with my son in Kindergarten and my 3 year old will be performing in her first dance recital coming up! I always look forward to summer time, swimming, beach, sleeping in!!! I love not being too busy, but I do want to make sure my kids don't forget what they learned over the summer!

There are some great dance camps, clinics and workshops you can attend! I will be teaching classes and having a camp. If you need information or suggestions I can help! It's great to explore if your child hasn't taken a certain style of dance before. It's also important for the seasoned dancer to keep taking classes and to stay in shape and stay sharp! Summer time needs just the right balance between relaxing and enjoy your free time, but don't totally do nothing the whole summer. Even if you can't afford classes during the summer, take some lessons online, or be sure to practice while at home!

It's been an awesome year and I am ready to take it easier and enjoy my time with my children and help enrich their lives at the same time!

Have a Happy Summer!

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