Time for Recital!

There is so much that goes into putting together a successful, entertaining dance recital! I can't wait till the big day which is coming up soon!

For all of you dance instructors out there, do you have a favorite moment or a most embarrassing moment? I'm sure we all have many stories. I'll always remember a fellow dancer in my class falling off stage once, ouch! So many stories of backstage mishaps and drama. Putting on a show can be fun, stressful, exciting and very rewarding all together.

As a dance instructor I know I personally am stressed until my students perform on the big stage. Usually everything comes together and everything looks perfect on stage and it's a big relief. Just know that you are not alone and I am sure we all have similar feelings or similar stories and when the show is all said and done, we can somewhat relax... and then start summer classes and start planning for next years recital! :) A fun cycle!

Hoping everyone has a great Recital! Break a leg!

#Recital #PreparingforRecital #DanceShowcase

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