It's that time of season

It's that time of year ladies... Audition time! If you are wanting to dance for an NBA, NFL, AFL team, a lot of teams are having auditions now!

If you haven't started preparing you might be a bit behind, but never fear, Deanna is here! I can answer any questions you might have in regards to auditioning and how to prepare and more! Don't wait any longer and contact me today!

One question I get is, do you think I'm too old... For you older ladies, most likely you are not old! :) I started my career with the Orlando Magic when I was 25. A friend of mine started with the Magic when she was 36. I know several dancers who were well into their 40's dancing on cruise ships, and theme parks. So, as long as you can blend, and you can keep up, then you go get him and never give up! Definitely don't give up on a dream just because you think you are too old. Set realistic goals and see what happens! :)

I am here to help, all questions are worth asking! Hope to hear from YOU soon!

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