Encouraging and Inspiring Book for the Entrepreneur

I have quite the collection of very inspiring and insightful books on being an entrepreneur! If you are looking to take a leap and start your own business or maybe you have already but need some new ideas, the book I am reading now is The $100 Startup, New York Times Bestseller, by Chris Guillebeau.

Whatever type of business or service you are trying to promote, this book has given me a lot of great points and advice for my own online business. I sell my Choreography and Consulting online and I have already used a lot of pointers that are given in the book and I notice a difference in my business! I highly recommend this book! It's an easy read. I dislike books that I have to re-read each sentence over and over to understand, so I like this book!

This book makes sense and gives valuable information. It has 274 pages and I will definitely be saving this book to refer to when I need a refresher or to be inspired again!

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