Prepare for NBA/NFL auditions Part 2!!!

Right now many NBA and NFL teams are having their dance team auditions, so get ready and get prepared! There is so much that goes into auditioning and preparing for such auditions that you want to be on your A game. If I could turn back the clock and hire a professional consultant, I would. It would have definitely saved me time and energy and helped me land the job the first time instead of getting the job after many attempts.

Having been on both sides, dancer and director I can give you a lot of helpful tips to help you walk into the audition confident! Guaranteed! By booking a consult, I will sit down one on one with you, or if you are not located in FL or have a busy schedule, we can do a consult over the phone or facetime. You will also get an evaluation of your headshot and resume and if you can provide video I can evaluate your dancing or interviewing skills! I will also include a checklist that will help you during your audition process.

Here are a couple tips:

#1 Your headshot and resume should stand out. Many times I have seen people turn in a selfie in really bad lighting or background. Or the photo may not me a current photo. This is very important!!! Please please please, take the time to turn in a good quality photo, you don't have to spend a ton of money, but this will make you look more professional!

#2 Step out of your comfort zone. Make sure to introduce yourself to anyone you may come in contact with during the audition process. You never know who is watching or has a say in who will make the team!

Find out more and book your consult today before it's too late! I don't bite! Or please pass my info along to anyone you know that might be able to use my services!

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