Prepare now for NBA Dance Auditions!!!

The NBA season is wrapping up, so what are you waiting for? Don't delay and start your audition preparation now! Auditions will be right around the corner for most NBA teams so make sure to start checking dates and marking your calendars!

#1 You better be working out! A ton of young women will be auditioning, so if you want to stand out, be in shape!!!

#2 Make sure your "Look" will get the judges attention. This means, as the audition date(s) nears, get your hair trimmed, or colored/highlights etc., get your nails done, make sure you have your audition outfit(s) and backup outfit(s) ready. From head to toe be ready!!!

There really is so much into going into an audition. I auditioned 4 times in a row before I finally made the Orlando Magic Dance team in 2004. I learned something new each time I auditioned. I wish I had someone to guide me in the right direction or be honest and tell me what I should have worked on before auditioning. If this is your first audition ever or first time auditioning for the Orlando Magic NBA or if you have auditioned multiple times but have not made the team, contact me today for a consult! I can give you insight on what you should focus on to help you be confident when walking into the audition. I can also give you insight on what a Dance Team Director is looking for since I am a former Dance Team Director for several teams including the AFL Orlando Predators Dance Team.

Will this be a waste of my time and or money? Of course not. If this is your goal, I can help you reach it!!! Don't waste any more time, book your 1 on 1 consult with me or I can give you a consult over the phone or consult via online. If you know someone who could use my services, please pass on my information! Thank you and GOOD LUCK!!! #DeannaClover #DanceAuditions #ProfessionalDancer #DanceConsult

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