Life Happens

It's amazing how times change. I was remembering what life was like without the internet and what it is like now with it! (My computer has been at the shop for over a week) There are always good points and bad points when it comes to technology... Technology is great, but when there are issues, like, computer and or printer not working it can be hard to get things done, although my phone is able to most things like my computer. I am so glad my husband bought me a new Apple Macintosh Computer! So quiet, and takes up hardly any space! Love it! Now I am moving again and much faster than I was!!!

I am really enjoying this journey of online business! I am able to do what I love and be able to sell my services online! I can do my work when I feel like it, yet still stay at home and take care of my family! If you are interested in how I got started online or not sure where to start, that is definitely a whole other article I need to do, but definitely contact me and I can answer any questions you might have !

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