You don't need my services? Or do you?

A lot of you may be thinking, yea, I don't need a professional dancer/choreographer to teach me how to dance. Well, there are tons of ways that you could use my services. Let me give you some examples!!!

1. Wedding!!! You might be getting married and want to have a really cool upbeat first dance routine or maybe you want to do a whole routine with your bridal party, or for the Mother/Son dance or Daddy/Daughter dance!!! Ah hah, see we are on to something! I can choreograph a fun routine for your Wedding or Engagement FLASH MOB! :) The possibilities are endless!

2. Reunion. Hey, you are going to your class reunion and you want to look sharp on the dance floor! I can help with that, just contact me today and I can do in person lessons or video lessons!!!

3. Quincenera. Wether you are the one turing 15, or know someone who is and looking for someone to put together a fun routine for their Quinceanera and or court, I am your gal!

4. Birthday. I just recently did an appearance for an "American Girl Doll" themed birthday, as a "Truly Me" Doll Miss Deanna! I was glammed up and taught all the kids a fun dance for the party! They loved it and it was so much fun! I can do child or adult birthday parites! (No adult content)

5. Dance Team auditions. I can help you prepare with choreography that will help you nail your audition!

6. I do provide consulting for dancers as well, so if you or you know someone who is thinking about auditioning please contact me today and I can help you be your best!

7. Cruise Ship. I actually had a client who was a middle aged male. At first I was like, is this a joke? :) But he was going on a cruise and wanted to bust a move, so I helped him with a short routine that he can show off! He had a blast!

8. There are numerous reasons I can help you out today!!! Any AGE, Male or Female, Solo, Group or Flash mob! Beginner or Professional!

Contact me today so I can help you with your project or event!

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