Happy Valentines

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! Do you all have any exciting plans for Valentines Day? I think I am worn out from all the Holidays... Not just the major ones, but 100th day of school, and this and that day... :) I am sure my family will have lunch or dinner somewhere. We are all about food!

Speaking of food, it's amazing how you think you know what you are eating, whether it's good food or bad food, you Know, we make that choice if we want to eat healthy or not. But, sometimes I think we think we are eating healthy, but we are mistaken. We are taught that certains foods are in the food pyramid, when really we should be staying away from it.

My son has been dealing with an issue, won't get into details, he is ok, but as a family we will all be making some different and better choices with food. Which means we won't be able to enjoy Valentine's chocolate, or cookies or brownies... :( We are all positive and I think we can do it and ready to have more energy and lose weight!!!

So, that's it for now, short and sweet. For all the dancers/performer's out there, remember to enjoy food but if you want the job you need to look and feel your best! Make good choices and be the best you can be!!!

The end!

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