Congrats to the Broncos!!!

So I ended up going to a friends house with the hubs and kiddos to watch the Super Bowl! My friend is the best, he made baked brie with garlic and honey on top, my favorite, he also had a nice spread of chips and dip, another fav!!! Others that attended brought some awesome yummy ribs that were so tender the meat fell off the bone, and he definitely had some fun beverages!

So let's talk entertainment factor! Anthem, Lady Gaga did an awesome job!!! Um, touchdown by #28, did anyone notice his little touchdown dance? He was doing the handjive from Grease!!! So awesome!!! I think he is my favorite player haha! Way to represent!!!

Commercials... there were some interesting ones, weird ones ex: Puppy, monkey, baby, what was that? I loved the fact that Marilyn Monroe made an appearance!!! Of course I loved the Pepsi comercial, even though I prefer coke. I was watching their moves very carefully, I loved the concept of the different dance routines while entering a new color that represents the Pepsi logo.

On to Halftime!!! My kids actually stopped trying to find my friends cat especially when Bruno Mars came on! They love the song Uptown Funk and were totally dancing around, love it! I thought it was really neat how they incorporated video of past Super Bowls!!! Whitney and MJ made appearances, Bruce Springstein and more. Beyonce of course was fun to watch, my son actually said, "Mommy, you should be dancing there". He melts my heart! So of course once I got home I was dancing and feeling Beyonce's moves! :) To be a fly on my wall!

I enjoyed Cold Play's performance and I really did enjoy the colors and flowers, and formations that were going on during his performance!!! A friend of mine helped out with the ending graphics! I have some very creative freinds!

So, what happened next? Idk! We had to go since we had the kids and they have school. I'll have to go online and see if I missed anything! I did hear the Bronoc's won via Facebook! So Congrats to all the Broncos fans!

Until next time!

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