SuperBowl Sunday!!!

Super Bowl Sunday... And I, am excited... Who's playing? Idk... :) I am looking forward to the halftime #1, and hoping to see some fun comercials as well, throughout the game! Hey, what can I say, I do like sports, I like getting together with friends, eating and drinking, but most of all, being a dancer I look forward to the Halftime routine most! I am hoping to see some awesome dance moves that maybe I can learn a new step or two to teach in my class or that I can perform! Being a dancer I appreciate all music, so whoever it is, I can appreciate the artist and what they are trying to achieve, which is people talking about halftime for the next few days! Or, if something drastic happened like that one SuperBowl where Janet's breast popped out of her costume that will never be forgotten. (That is a whole other topic as I can definitely relate to that misahap as a dancer). It's a great time to have a reason for everyone to get together, whether you like sports or not, we can all find something we like about it and enjoy the night!

I hope everyone is going to enjoy the SuperBowl, wether it's in their own home, out at a resturant/bar, or dance studio, haha... get it, practicing the moves from SuperBowl. Can't wait! The countdown begins!

*For all my dancer freinds and family, we will have to chat about it afterwards about our favorite dance moves! Oh yea! *

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